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Francis Turbines High Quality Turbina Hidroelectrica 300kw Hydro Generator 4 Inch Water Turbine
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Francis Turbines High Quality Turbina Hidroelectrica 300kw Hydro Generator 4 Inch Water Turbine


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Place of Origin:Slovenia
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Model Number: 026
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Customized: Yes



Francis Turbines

HYDRO-TINCK supplies two basic types of Francis turbines, vertical and horizontal, both with spiral casing.

Francis turbine housing is filled with water, which means that all the impeller blades work the same force. Turbine power depends on the flow and direction of water flow on the impeller blades. To regulate the flow of water a Francis turbine has blades installed in the turbine casing. Blades in the casing are interconnected in a mechanism called the guide. Through changing the location of these vanes we can regulate the turbine power. Shaft drivers can be installed vertically or horizontally. These types of turbines we used for medium-sized drops of 10 to 400 meters. The efficiency of Francis turbine is up to 93%.

* Pulls, cranks and pins made from stainless steel DIN 17455-99
* Anti-friction roller bearings with circulating oil system, respectively with and oil charge.
* The bearing areas are safely separated from the area of the water by means of packing seal
* Turbine shaft sealing – labyrinth-padding type.
* Standard runner diameters 300 – 1000 mm
* Runner cast of special alloy of stainless steel DIN 17445-84 with high mechanical, chemical, anti-corrosive and, especially,
cavitation resistance.
* Automatically regulated guide vanes, made from stainless steel, moving in bronze suspensions.


Tinck Arms was founded in 2007. Over the last eight years we have established a strong reputation of creating the most accurate and compact rifle systems in the world. Designing is an art that we take very seriously, we are the experts at creating designs that optimize the necessary and eliminate the unnecessary. Our products are simple, attractive, and provide more versatility than the competition.

Located in Cerkno, Slovenia, Tinck Arms employs an amazing team of dedicated workers with strong values and ethics. We are very passionate about the products we make and are extremely committed to being at the forefront in developing tomorrow’s weapons technologies.

All Tinck Arms products are put through rigorous testing in development with top of the line quality control equipment and dedicated engineers. We maintain exact tolerances for all of or products to ensure our high standards of quality are always maintained.


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